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Support CBST

As a CBST member, you are invited to participate in all of our services and events.

Become a member or renew your membership  HERE !

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Sponsor a Kiddush, send a Chai card, purchase a bookplate or Yizkor book listing, install a memorial plaque.

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The CBST siddur, B'chol L'vav'cha, is now available for purchase.

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To purchase our musical CDs, t-shirts, mugs, and rainbow kippot (supporting the Jerusalem Open House), please contact Ellice Litwak at , or call 212-929-9498 ext. 20.

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Make Your High Holy Day Pledge

make your high holy days pledge

Thank you for attending our recent High Holy Day services. You participation over the holidays was important to us and your support is a vital element to our doors remaining open. Please choose one of the following funds to direct your High Holy Day gift. All gifts to CBST are tax deductible.

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