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The CBST Prayer Book

For the synagogue’s central service on Friday nights, CBST uses its own prayer book, or siddur , which was revised in 2008. The new siddur, B'chol L'vav'cha, was compiled to reflect the needs of our community and is designed to be used for a variety of occasions.

The CBST siddur represents our best effort to produce a prayer book free of sexist language and liturgy reflecting the values of our community, while retaining the power and beauty of the traditional texts and the original Hebrew. In addition, CBST uses a variety of other texts from different movements, particularly for festivals, including the Reconstructionist Movement’s Kol Haneshamah Machzor for our High Holiday services and the Reconstructionist Haggadah for our Passover Seder.

While there are many moments of intense personal reflection within any given service, we encourage all members to be active participants. It’s helpful, over time, to make yourself familiar with the liturgy, whether in English or Hebrew, traditional or progressive, in order to be able to participate more fully in the service and contribute to the communal experience of prayer.

If you are accustomed to wearing a tallit {prayer shawl} and/or a kippah {skullcap}, you are free to do so. Both are available at services.

If you have a question about any element of the service, feel free to speak with one of the clergy team, service leaders, or our tefillah coordinator, Jack Greenberg .

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