The LGBTQ Synagogue / Spirituality / Service Customs

Service Customs

The customs or minhagim  of CBST are guidelines we follow to show respect for one another at services.

· As you enter the sanctuary, please remember to turn off or silence your electronics.

· Photography and recording are not permitting during the service or drash . Applause is also inappropriate during these times.

· Please behave respectfully during the service. It’s especially important to maintain quiet in the sanctuary during the sh’ma , amidah , and drash .

· For families with children, the playroom in the Mission House to the front right of the sanctuary is set up with carpeting, toys, and books, and a changing table in the Oneg Room is adjacent to the sanctuary. There is also a designated “child-friendly” seating area at the front right side of the sanctuary, where we hope your family will make friends and be most comfortable.

· Please keep your bag and other valuables near you; CBST cannot be responsible for lost property.

· All our facilities have gendered and non-gendered bathrooms; feel free to use whichever is most comfortable for you.

· CBST is proud to use fair-trade coffee at all of its events.

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