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Life Cycle Events

CBST offers a full range of traditional and non-traditional life cycle events, with rabbinical as well as community support.

As part of our commitment to innovation in ritual and liturgy, we are also open to developing new rituals and ceremonies to mark important events in our congregants’ lives.

For more information on any life cycle event, please contact the CBST office, 212-929-9494 ext.10 or  

A great way to celebrate or remember a life-cycle event in your life or the life of someone you care about is to make a Kiddush sponsorship .

Adult B'nei Mitzvah

CBST’s Lehrhaus Adult B’nei Mitzvah program provides a great opportunity for learning, camaraderie, and spiritual growth. The program consists of a 3-year course of study with our rabbinical staff and learned volunteers, and culminates in your own B’nei Mitzvah at a Shabbat morning service.

B'nei Mitzvah For Children
Children of CBST members under 13 can prepare for B'nei Mitzvah through Limmud  B'Shabbat , our children’s Education program, and preparation with CBST clergy, staff and tutors.

Mazel Tov! We are happy to share in your joy.  Our clergy will perform ceremonies for CBST members only. Commitment is more than a ceremony and requires an extended period of consultation with the officiating clergy prior to the actual event.  It is important to speak with one of the rabbis prior  to confirming the date of your ceremony.  Please note that both Rabbi Kleinbaum and Rabbi Weiss will perform Jewish weddings for interfaith couples.

Brit Milah/Brit Bat – Entering The Jewish Covenant
For children of members only; if possible, please notify the office in advance of the expected due date so that the rabbinical staff may have an idea of the date of the brit for scheduling purposes.

Baby Naming
Share your joy with the entire CBST community by having a baby naming, for girls or boys, at our main Friday night service in Chelsea or at a Saturday morning service, where your child will receive a special blessing and a gift from the congregation.

CBST counts among our members congregants who are Jewish by choice. There is a conversion open house several times a year that serves as a first step and lays out all of our requirements. The length and intensity of the conversion requirements is highly individualized and is overseen by Rabbi Rachel Weiss. However, in general, CBST membership is required, as well as a course of Jewish study, attendance at CBST services, significant participation in the life of the community, a basic knowledge of Hebrew, and a working knowledge of Judaism as a religion and as a civilization. Contact the office to find out when the next Conversion Open House is.

Gender Transition
Transgender members are warmly invited to commemorate life cycle rituals and events including Change of Gender Identity; Change of an English or Hebrew Name; and Blessings Before and After Physical Transition Milestones. .

Whenever possible, one of our clergy staff will visit those in the hospital or at home with a serious illness. You may contact the CBST office if someone should be placed on the Refuah Shlemah/Healing List; these names are recited during weekly services.

The CBST community is a tremendous source of support at times of loss. Our clergy may perform funerals for immediate family of CBST members, even if the deceased was not a member at the time of his/her death. As with all CBST funerals, arrangements must be made through the CBST office and agreed upon by the clergy who will perform the service. Due to the emergency nature of funerals, we cannot guarantee the availability of a specific clergy person or a specific time and date for such funerals. CBST provides shiva minyanim and pastoral counseling for CBST members regardless of the membership status of the deceased.

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