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The Mishpachah (55+)

The Mishpachah is a CBST social/cultural group. Its diverse, mainly informal, activities generally attract men and women over age 50, but younger people and younger friends do participate and are always welcome. We are truly intergenerational.

Mishpachah goals include friendship and fun, networking and mutual support. We also partner in activities to enhance the role of the mature segment of CBST and to provide more services for these men and women.

* We cooperate with the clergy on programs such as the monthly SAGE Sunday brunches/lectures and Friday nite shmoozes.
* Our members reach out to the sick and homebound.
* We support the ongoing Dish Lunch group.

Mishpachah activities are planned by a volunteer committee. Upcoming brunch, afternoon and evening programs include:

- Annual Joyous Sing-A-Long
- Annual Chanukah Party
- Kum Zits with the Rabbi
- Book Discussion Group
- Museum Tour
- Night At The Movies
- Mid-winter Intergenerational Board Game Day
- Theater Party
- Dutch Treat Dinners

Won't you join in? Let us know what programming you would like and how we can best serve you.

For more information or to be added to our email list, contact .

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