CBST recorded the personal stories that make up the collective memoirs/oral history of the synagogue through a relationship with StoryCorps, one of America’s largest oral history projects.

Through oral interviews made possible by partnering with StoryCorps, we told our stories and had our personal experiences as LGBT Jews documented for generations to come. Conversations with the CBST community were recorded on CDs by StoryCorps for the CBST archives.

The recordings also became a part of the Library of Congress, contributing our unique history to the growing portrait of who we are as Americans.

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Remembering Stonewall: Matthew Merlin talks with Michael Levine

StoryCorps Stonewall interview with Michael Levine

“The lights went up, the music went off and you could hear a pin drop.”

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List of Questions

Our members used this list of questions to think about what CBST stories to tell. How would you relay your experiences?

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