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CBST Responds to Bullying, Torture, and Suicide

Over the past two months we have witnessed the tragic suicides, torture, and bullying of LGBTQ youth. Unfortunately, this is not a new situation for our community, but it is new that the media has picked up on it.

At CBST we have been working on supporting all members of the LGBTQS community, and using every tool available to us to stop the bullying and torture of our people, and prevent suicides. (Indeed our very existence has been a lifeline .) Tonight we begin a new response. Through the generous support of our members we are launching a sustained online video messaging project, building on the success of the "It Get's Better" project, aimed at providing not just the stories of individuals, but the power and support of our entire community, as a Jewish community, to those in crisis, and based on advice from suicide prevention experts.

We have experienced the power of community. Now we can share that with those in need around the country and the world. The videos will begin going live next week, beginning with a special video message from Rabbi Kleinbaum. It is the message we wish all religious leaders had sent out. Your voices are important to the success of this project.

The project is centered on a sustained video message program that is guided by three principles:

  1. To offer a specifically Jewish  message that is positive, sincere, and LGBTQ affirming.
  2. To present many individual video messages as part of an entire community reaching out, and that the value of a series presented by a community  is that its strength, diversity, and very existence can provide a meaningful amount of comfort and guidance.
  3. To use the best knowledge of Prevention experts  to guide messaging and ensure that all attempts are made to have a true and positive impact on the individuals who will see these videos. (Thank you especially to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and member Wylie Tene)

To participate, please use this form .

Together we can strengthen the voice of progressive religion, and the positive force of communities like ours.

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