No one should feel alone. CBST is here for you whether you live alone, or have plenty of support. Chesed is about the smallest efforts — having someone call to say hello, sending a card, or coming to read the newspaper to a homebound person. This is holy work. Whether you are able to help or are in need please let us know so we can work together to create a Kehillah Kedoshah, a holy community.

Are you in need of Chesed? Let CBST know. Are you able to provide help for those who may need assistance? Let CBST know. Contact the office at or 212-929-9498 x10.

Al shloshah devarim ha’olam omed: On three things the world stands: Al ha’Torah, al ha’Avodah, v’al G’milut Chasadim: On Torah, on service, and on acts of loving kindness. (Pirke Avot 1:2) This is the basis of our transformative Chesed work at CBST. Here is how CBST fulfills this important work:

Al ha’Torah (on Torah)
* Pastoral Counseling
The CBST clergy team provides one-on-one counseling sessions. Please contact the office if you need an appointment.
* Liturgy
CBST rabbis speak out from the bimah about issues which concern our community, including our healthcare.
* Lifecycle
CBST rabbis lead lifecycle rituals and create and use liturgy to honor sacred moments of transition in our members’ lives.
* Education
CBST and SAGE (Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders) lead Caregiver Support sessions together. Those who care for elderly or ill parents, lovers, partners, spouses, and friends come to learn and support one another.

CBST Lehrhaus Judaica (Adult Education) offers classes, monthly informational brunches, and discussion groups to support our own care for ourselves and for those we care about.

Al G’milut Chasadim (on acts of loving kindness)
* When you are ill: volunteers can help by visiting the hospital, offering a friendly phone call, assisting in food shopping or housework and accompanying you to doctors’ visits.
* When you have experienced a loss: CBST members help each other by making shiva (mourning period) calls, leading shiva minyanim (services during mourning), or helping you to make funeral arrangements. Chesed volunteers can help support the mourner by bringing food and keeping them company.
* When you are a caregiver: CBST is here to help you. Chesed volunteers can help you through respite care and community support for yourself.
* When you bring home a new child: volunteers can assist you in meal preparations, and any additional support
you may need.

Being a part of a community can bring great joy to both ourselves and to those we serve. We partake in mitzvot not only because it is the right thing to do, but because by doing so we nourish our own souls as well as those whom we help.

Al ha’Avodah (on service)
* Service
Help us to help each other when we are in need! To be there for your community by becoming a CBST Chesed volunteer, email
* Advocacy
Koleinu (our voice), CBST’s community organizing initiative, leads a HealthCare/ ElderCare campaign. Koleinu meets with healthcare facilities and provides trainings and advocacy in order to make the healthcare culture more LGBT inclusive. Contact to get involved and advocate for the rights of our community!

At CBST we celebrate our victories and sustain each other through our struggles. We sing, dance and exude joy. But at various moments each of us also experiences real pain, struggle, and the need for assistance. Chesed is our community’s caring voice to accompany our members in need.

For all questions related to Chesed please contact the CBST office at or by calling 212-929-9498 x10.

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